Mosquito Abatement

Each summer the City of Colstrip sprays for mosquitoes to protect public health and enhance comfort. Although we can never completely eliminate all mosquitoes we hope to drastically reduce their populations.

In late summer 2015, the City purchased a new mosquito sprayer that is much larger than the previous one. The old sprayer had become worn and less effective. The sprayer works as a fogging system with the product being applied as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Although the City has used a product called Aqua-Resin for many years we have recently switched to a more cost-effective product called Aqualuer 20/20.  It is not harmful to humans or pets but is formulated specifically for mosquitoes. The City has a state-certified applicator for mosquito spraying. Training is required each year to maintain a current license.

The City will spray for mosquitoes on calm to gentle breezed days and will usually spray one day a week, more depending on weather and the mosquito population.

Mosquitoes need standing water in order to lay their eggs and develop. What most people don’t realize is the surprising number of areas around their own house where mosquitoes can find the standing water they need. The main rule: If it can hold water for more than a few days, it can breed mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can breed in as little as a bottle cap of water.

  • Get rid of standing water in rain gutters, old tires, buckets, plastic covers, toys or any other container where mosquitoes can breed.
  • Empty and change the water in bird baths, fountains, wading pools, rain barrels and potted plant trays at least once a week to eliminate potential mosquito habitats.
  • Drain temporary pools of water or fill with dirt.
  • Keep swimming pool water treated and circulating.