In summer depending on the weather, algae grows in the lake. In order to control this problem the city crew has to spray the lake with a product called cutrine plus. This is an environmentally friendly way of controlling algae growth before it blooms. Cutrine is 9% copper sulfate and 91% inert ingredients. This product when sprayed out like you see in the picture, stays suspended in the water for two to four days. The city sprays the lake three to four times in the summer to combat these pests. The city has an agreement with PPL Montana in which they purchase the product and we apply it. Algae plugs filters up very fast causing major problems with the cities production of water and PPL Montana's filter operation. This also causes issues with taste and odor of our water. Also if left unchecked can become toxic to humans and wildlife. Treating the lake has become vital and necessary for both entities.