PPL Montana pumps water from the Yellowstone River six miles west of Forsyth to Castle Rock Lake. Our system draws water from Castle Rock Lake and is treated at The Colstrip Water Treatment Plant. The waterplant is a variable declining rate direct filtration facility. It is designed for raw water to gravity flow from Castle Rock Lake through an in-line mechanical mixer. It mixes aluminum chlorhydrate, (a coagulant), activated carbon and/or potassium permanganate (removes taste and odor), and fluoride with the raw water flow stream, then through a static mixer where a nonionic polymer is applied as a filter aid, and into an open distribution channel at the head of four filter bays. Media in these filters is a dual media of anthracite coal and sand. Filtered water leaving the filter bays enters a weir trough where chlorine is added for disinfection. Water cresting the clearwell weir trough falls into the clearwell and becomes available for pumping into the Colstrip distribution system through the high service pumps. Colstrip has over 26 miles of distribution system. The high service pumping system is designed to serve three separate pressure zones in the Town of Colstrip. Zone 1 is the oldest and the lowest part of the town. It is served by two 500,000 gallon reservoirs. Many of the old mains in this part of town have been replaced in the last few years. Zone 2 is the second highest portion of the distribution system and it is served by a 2,000,000 gallon reservoir in the northern portion of Colstrip. Because of a declining population in this area, this reservoir is maintained at 1,700,000 to achieve better turnover. Zone 3 is served by a 650,000 gallon reservoir in the southwestern part of the town. Six high service pumps serve these three pressure zones. Water from the clearwell is also used for backwashing the filters. The backwash is sequenced and controlled by a SCADA system located in the control room. The SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system also monitors and records the function of all treatment processes, reservoir levels, the wastewater treatment plant and sewage lift stations. There are turbidity meters on all filters and the clearwell that are recording continuously the clarity of the water. We have online chlorine and fluoride analyzers which monitor and record residuals leaving our treatment plant on a daily basis. We test chlorine residuals daily in our distribution system. We also test for total coliform bacteria (i.e. e-coli) monthly from 3 different sites in our distribution. We are sampling quarterly from the distribution to comply with the Disinfection By-Products Rule. We also sample yearly to comply with Phase II and Phase IV of the Surface Water Drinking Act. All of our outside testing is done by Energy Laboratories of Billings except the total coliforms, which are done by Aquatec Laboratories of Lewistown. Both labs are certified.