free snow plow clipartThis is a reminder to all residents of the City of Colstrip. Please keep these things in mind as winter is here and snow is upon us! Depositing snow in the middle of the street is against Ordinance 00-16. Storing trailers, or any other type of vehicles on public streets is prohibited and is against Ordinance 03-08.

It is determined that for the safety and wellbeing of the general public who use the City streets and right-a-ways of the City of Colstrip, the City will keep the streets and right-a-ways free and clear of unnecessary obstructions.

  1. Prohibited Conduct: It shall be unlawful for any person to remove, place, and deposit snow and/or ice accumulation from their driveways, walkways, or private roadways and place or deposit such snow and/or ice deposits onto the camperstreets or right-of-ways.

City Ordinance No. 03-08 prohibits the storage of trailers or other vehicles on public streets. The ordinance states in part, that no person shall park any vehicle or motor vehicle upon any public street for the principal purpose of storing it when not in actual use or transit. The storage of vehicles on public streets congests traffic as well as making it difficult and unsafe for snow plowing, garbage collection, and street cleaning.

Kami Egan

Zone/Code Enforcement