snow daysWhat a way to begin the celebration of the New Year. Snow, snow, and more snow along with the very cold. Whatever happened to global warming-oh-that’s incorrect now its called climate change.

Thank you and kudos to our city crew for keeping our streets plowed, sanded and most im-portantly “safe”. You have all gone above and beyond what is required in the difficult situation of narrow streets with vehicles and the many cul de sacs.

Thank you also to CPRD and Mike Esser for your snow removal on our trails and around the rec center. Thank you also to the many neighbors that help each other out and helping our seniors with snow removal. You all make Colstrip a special place to live.

Our Senator Ankney is amazing and that also goes for Colstrip United, Lori Shaw and Ashley Dennehy, along with Jim Atchison of SEMDC. These individuals work tirelessly on getting truthful information out to the public on the value of coal and electrical energy production. It is extremely important for Colstrip to continue to play a role, not only in our state but in the Pacific Northwest. Colstrip provides for the needs of Montana and the Pacific Northwest.

We in Colstrip recognize the value of our community and the value of what we do for others. Our residents enjoy a great quality of life as a result of coal development. Montana also enjoys the many benefits from all the efforts of our plant workers and coal miners that live in our community.

Senator Ankney is in the process of introducing legislation to protect our workers, city, county, school district and very importantly our state as a result of the needless shutting of units 1 and 2 and the corresponding mine operations. We are very fortunate to have Senator Ankney in the position that he holds. He needs all of our continued support and encouragement. As your Mayor, I will continue to give him my support and the support of our city.

Congratulations to all the workers at the power plants for their recent achievement of unit 2’s record setting run of 190.3 consecutive days producing reliable coal fired electricity to the western connection. This is an all time record for these smaller units. As has been stated by those that have plant knowledge, they (units 1 & 2) are not “worn out dirty units”. I guess the record speaks for itself. Again, congratulations!

Speaking of accurate information, a couple months ago the Billings Gazette had an article regarding the groundwater in Colstrip. The article was very misleading, giving the impression that groundwater prior to the plants ash ponds was a source of quality drinking water, which of course is incorrect. A little bit of history—the original supply of water for our town came from six (6) deep water wells of 600 to 1200 feet. We had two (2) storage tanks one at the end of Woodrose and the other on the hill across from the Moose. This naturally occurring groundwater was of very poor quality. It was high in sulphur, lead, magnesium and iron.

In 1974 the owner/operator, Western Energy, of the water system was notified the water quality was substandard for a municipal watersupply and would have to be filtered and a disinfection system installed. Western Energy built a temporary water filtration and disinfection system near, what is now, the boiler makers training buildings. In 1981, our current water plant was constructed by Castle Rock Lake. This plant was funded by the Coal Board, owned by Rosebud County and operated by Colstrip Community Services. The plant uses a declining rate sand filtering process and would you believe also that “coal” is part of the filtering process. The purification is done with an onsite hypo-chlorite generation system. The ownership and operation of the water system was transferred to our city in 1999.

The groundwater wells have all been capped off and we use Yellowstone River water as our water supply. The plants ash ponds do not now or have they ever been a threat to our city’s water supply for our residents.

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