• Silly Goose by Schelle Swan
  • Power Plant Taken From Castle Rock Lake By Schelle Swan
  • Photo of City Hall By Tana Pippin
  • Weeds At Castle Rock Lake By Schelle Swan
  • Sunset Over Colstrip By Schelle Swan
  • Aerial Photo Of Colstrip By Karri Kerzman
  • Rocks at Cow Creek By Schelle Swan
  • Peak-a-Moo  by Schelle Swan
  • Horses In the Field Near The Water Treatment Plant By Schelle Swan
  • Deer Jumping A Fence Near The Mine By Schelle Swan
  • Winter Tree by Tana Pippin
  • Weeds North of Colstrip By Schelle Swan
  • Aerial Photo of Castle Rock Lake By Karri Kerzman
  • Eagle By Tana Pippin
  • Flower In A Garden In Colstrip By Schelle Swan
  • Colstrip From MPC Cabin
  • Old Homestead on West Armells by Schelle Swan
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From The Mayor

 Mayor HanserWelcome to the City of Colstrip's Official Web Site. As you view the pages, you will see our wonderful town has many opportunities for individuals, families and children of all ages. A large variety of recreational offerings, great school system, cultural events,  headquarters of the four county economic development group, Southeastern Montana Development Corporation, and a vibrant agricultural community, make Colstrip a unique place to live and work.

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Newsletter June 2014

Summmer CartWell, Summer is finally here. And the usual activities at city hall are budgeting, project planning, grant applications, and vacations. Budgeting is always open to the public, look for the postings. Since the budgeting process is part of your City Council person’s responsibility, don’t be shy about popping in to a budget session, there is always opportunity for public comment. The dates and times will be posted at the regular posting places around town; library, post office, city hall, and Taylor’s.

During Colstrip Days, be sure to visit our new City Shop. We will be offering tours in the Senior Citizen Van from city hall to the shop starting at 9:00 am Friday June 27, 2014. This was our last big project. The old City Shop, as many of you know, was a building from the 1930’s era. It was deemed structurally unsafe by OSHA, which led the city to build a new facility. Not to mention that most of our equipment could not fit through the door.

Our upcoming projects are not as visible or impressive to most folks. However, I have yet to meet anyone that is not impressed when the water or sewer system is not functioning well. I did not say it was a good impression. Water and Wastewater systems are an important part of our city’s infrastructure. We are working with our engineers to upgrade the backwash system at the Water Treatment Plant, by DEQ mandate. We are also in the planning stages to repair and replace the remaining lift stations that are part of our sewer system later this summer/early fall.

The Coal Board has been a tremendous support to the city’s projects in the past several years. SHAC is a current great example of Coal Board dollars at work in Colstrip. If you haven’t driven or stopped by to see the improvements, now is the time to do so. It is looking great. The City will again seek funding from the Coal Board for grant funding on our Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade for next year. We are expecting to be favorably considered, as this is an essential project for the continued health and safety of all those in our community.

Finally, it is common to thank people that vote for you after an election. Well, I was not up for election this year, but I would still like to thank you for electing me as the Mayor of Colstrip. I am truly thankful and greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve our community in this capacity. I will continue to work hard at doing the best possible job in the time remaining in my term of office.


Rose Hanser

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